Music Instruments?

Everybody in my family (everybody besides the two youngest) plays an instrument. mom plays the piano.

2. my sister plays the violin.

3. my brother plays the viola.

4. I play the piano.

5. my other brother plays the piano also.

6. my other other brother is learning to play the cello

Do you play an instrument? If you don’t play, then play!  Besides, its fun!

So try!

Henry’s Girlfriends

You know Henry right?  He’s my brother.  He’s three.

He has Girlfriends.  Now you must must be thinking : a three year old.  Having girlfriends?  But I’m not crazy.  In Henry’s class, there are there are girls.  There are only some that Henry likes though.  The girls that he likes are: Coco, Hannah, Chloe, and Heartlynn.  But not only does talk about them, he says: “they say shut up.” So my dad says “maybe you should not marry them.” then he says ” I’m just kidding.”  Funny, right.

That is it!

Steel-cut oats

Every single day, at breakfast, we eat……OATMEAL. I’ve learned to like oatmeal.  Now I love oatmeal!  Well, as you know, carbs are bad for you.  Rolled oats have more carbs than steal cut oats.  So we started eating steel cut oats.  DELICIOUS.  My mom soaks it overnight in milk or water.  then, in the morning, we put sugar, cinnamon, and flaxseed.  then we pour creamy milk.


Try It!

Henry’s loved ones

I have not done many posts this week, so I’ll try to do 1 or 2 today.

Henry is our spot light today.  Henry says who he loves like:”First I like God, then I like lexi, and so on.  but when we ask him to say it again, he changes it every time, like:First I like, God then Kuya(Koo-ya) That is older brother in tagalog.and so on…………………………  Its cute……He’s cute……..                                                          That’s It so Good bye!

The Sweet Race (or should we call it the Un-sweet race)

Candy and sugar are unhealthy for your body.  So my family organized a thing called the sweet race.  How it works is we try to have no sweets for a long time; if you have a sweet you are out.The last person to have a sweet gets to choose what they want for dinner. Then the sweet race is off until the next day.  But, everybody in the race has to know when someone is out, for the race to end.  As I am writing, me, and my dad are in the sweet race. But certain sweets count and others don’t.
If you like the idea, post a comment, and try It!

Good bye!

I Love Books!

As I said, I love, love books.

We have a ton of books. I read them almost everyday. We have 9 bookcases, each bookcase has 5 shelves! There are even more bookshelves that have more books we own!I don’t have a favorite book.  Do you like hardy boys?  If you haven’t heard of them, you got to read them.  They are detectives.  Nancy drew is also a detective .  Those are Good Good books.  Have you read the little house books?  Those are books about pioneers.  Those are good books.  I like books and poems.  Comics are O.K. I like comics.  If you have comments of books post them.  Here are more books and book series I recommend:

1.Elsie Dinsmore

2.Boxcar children

3.Curious George

4.Encyclopedia Brown

5.Beverly cleary

6.Magic tree house books

7.A-Z Mysteries

8.books by Holling c. holling

9.Aldo applesause

10.Madeleine l’engel books

11.The wizard of oz

12.the five little peppers and how they grew


Hi, all! I’m back!

Here’s another thing I like to do: I love to dance!  I’ve danced for about one-and a half years.  Dancing is fun.  My older sister also dances.  If you’re a girl, you should dance ballet.  If you like ballet, good for you.  If you want, post a comment on if you like ballet, or if you don’t


My new blog!

I’m off of school this week,so my mom said I should blog so here it goes:

My name is Lexi.I started my blog just today.

My mom showed me how to blog,and I felt really good about it.Then I found my theme,and started blogging.This is my first time blogging.My dad said I should blog at least every other day. Blogging is fun!Tomorrow I will blog again.