Fantasy Football for a Girl?

Yep.  That is totally me.  You do not know what it is like to live in a family of eight.  It is fun, and nice.

Anyways, since there are three kids (me, my sister, and my brother) old-enough-to play Fantasy Football,  my dad decided to make a ff league, so he made one.  Btw, my dad joined too.  Here are my people:

Aaron Rodgers (Yay!)

Arian Foster

Beanie Wells

Reggie Bush

Fred Jackson

Ben Roethisbeger

Daren Mcfadden

Wes Welker

Greg Gennings

Larry Fitzgerald

Jordy Nelson

Victor Cruz

Tony Gonzalez

Billy Cundiff

And for my def: Baltimore Ravens.

As for my rules (acording to the past) always start Aaron Rodgers and Arian Foster.  They make my team.  I made a terrible mistake in my first week: I did not start Arian Foster.  He got tons of points.  I am sure mad about that.  But now I know! For fantasy football help, advice and more about the players, I go to for help.

Play Fantasy Football!!!!!

CNN Student News

You might be thinking: what is CNN student news anyways?  Well, CNN student news is SO cool.  CNN student news is news from different parts of the world, like: the war that was in in Libya. The newscaster is Carl Azuz. Now don’t get mixed up by saying his name is Carla Zuz:).

Anyway, Be sure to watch it!

P.S. At the end he ( he being Carl Azuz) tells a Punny joke:).