Narration: Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer – Preface and First Chapter

This book begins with a preface, which talks about the importance of seeking God. Coincidentally, we were talking this topic in our family devotions with Reheboam in 1 Chronicles 12! In this preface, A.W. Tozer states that the reason that people in the curch are not closer to God, and “hungry sheep are not fed”, is because people are not seeking God. I would agree. Instead of asking God to reveal himself, why do we not seek him ourselves? The rest of the book goes deeper into how and why to seek God.

Firstly, in order to seek God, you must first have a desire to seek him. How to achieve that desire? That desire can only come from God. This term is called “prevenient grace” by scholars, backed up by John 6:44: “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them.” (NIV) Prevenient meaning ‘previous’, as God is always previous our efforts to come to him. Next, our souls must seek him, and him only. Out souls must “pant for [him], as a deer pants for water” as David’s did in Psalm 42. The only way we can seek him with that passion is if we only have a desire for him, which is discussed more in the next chapter. Mr. Tozer asserts that we often seek God and something or someone else. That small “and” has a big impact on our faith. When we are distracted, we don’t see God as clearly. How, and the importance of having no “and” are discussed in the next chapter.

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