Music! (Again)

As I might have told you, I play an instrument(Piano)

I recently was in a ‘young musician competition’ at my music school. I haven’t gotten my results yet. It was fun and a very good experience. I sometimes wonder why I ever chose piano of all instruments. My brother also plays piano.

Out of curiosity, I want to know what instruments you all play. Tell me in the comments! Also, how would you rate the instruments that you play, what instruments would you rather have chosen, who inspired you to play and/or want to play and why or why not?

Tell me in the comments!

Thanks for your feedback!(If any 🙂 )

Fantasy Football for a Girl?

Yep.  That is totally me.  You do not know what it is like to live in a family of eight.  It is fun, and nice.

Anyways, since there are three kids (me, my sister, and my brother) old-enough-to play Fantasy Football,  my dad decided to make a ff league, so he made one.  Btw, my dad joined too.  Here are my people:

Aaron Rodgers (Yay!)

Arian Foster

Beanie Wells

Reggie Bush

Fred Jackson

Ben Roethisbeger

Daren Mcfadden

Wes Welker

Greg Gennings

Larry Fitzgerald

Jordy Nelson

Victor Cruz

Tony Gonzalez

Billy Cundiff

And for my def: Baltimore Ravens.

As for my rules (acording to the past) always start Aaron Rodgers and Arian Foster.  They make my team.  I made a terrible mistake in my first week: I did not start Arian Foster.  He got tons of points.  I am sure mad about that.  But now I know! For fantasy football help, advice and more about the players, I go to for help.

Play Fantasy Football!!!!!

Music Instruments?

Everybody in my family (everybody besides the two youngest) plays an instrument. mom plays the piano.

2. my sister plays the violin.

3. my brother plays the viola.

4. I play the piano.

5. my other brother plays the piano also.

6. my other other brother is learning to play the cello

Do you play an instrument? If you don’t play, then play!  Besides, its fun!

So try!

I Love Books!

As I said, I love, love books.

We have a ton of books. I read them almost everyday. We have 9 bookcases, each bookcase has 5 shelves! There are even more bookshelves that have more books we own!I don’t have a favorite book.  Do you like hardy boys?  If you haven’t heard of them, you got to read them.  They are detectives.  Nancy drew is also a detective .  Those are Good Good books.  Have you read the little house books?  Those are books about pioneers.  Those are good books.  I like books and poems.  Comics are O.K. I like comics.  If you have comments of books post them.  Here are more books and book series I recommend:

1.Elsie Dinsmore

2.Boxcar children

3.Curious George

4.Encyclopedia Brown

5.Beverly cleary

6.Magic tree house books

7.A-Z Mysteries

8.books by Holling c. holling

9.Aldo applesause

10.Madeleine l’engel books

11.The wizard of oz

12.the five little peppers and how they grew


Hi, all! I’m back!

Here’s another thing I like to do: I love to dance!  I’ve danced for about one-and a half years.  Dancing is fun.  My older sister also dances.  If you’re a girl, you should dance ballet.  If you like ballet, good for you.  If you want, post a comment on if you like ballet, or if you don’t