I Love Books!

As I said, I love, love books.

We have a ton of books. I read them almost everyday. We have 9 bookcases, each bookcase has 5 shelves! There are even more bookshelves that have more books we own!I don’t have a favorite book.  Do you like hardy boys?  If you haven’t heard of them, you got to read them.  They are detectives.  Nancy drew is also a detective .  Those are Good Good books.  Have you read the little house books?  Those are books about pioneers.  Those are good books.  I like books and poems.  Comics are O.K. I like comics.  If you have comments of books post them.  Here are more books and book series I recommend:

1.Elsie Dinsmore

2.Boxcar children

3.Curious George

4.Encyclopedia Brown

5.Beverly cleary

6.Magic tree house books

7.A-Z Mysteries

8.books by Holling c. holling

9.Aldo applesause

10.Madeleine l’engel books

11.The wizard of oz

12.the five little peppers and how they grew

2 thoughts on “I Love Books!

  1. daddy says:

    Nice list!

    Just a suggestion: these are all book series, rather than titles of individual books, so next time, you might want to mention that these are book SERIES that you recommend.

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