Luther’s Favorite Book

My little cutie:Luther (he’s my darling baby)

Anyway, Lu, has a favorite book. I guess Luther is the only baby who has a favorite book. His favorite book is The Wide-Mouth frog, is a pop-up book. I think Lu likes it because it is a pop-up book.  The story goes along as there is a wide-mouth frog who eats flies.He tells the bird and mouse that he eats flies and asks them what they eat.  But then he comes across an alligator, and says: I’m a wide mouth frog and I eat flies.  what do you eat? the alligator says: I eat delicious wide mouth frogs.  So the wide mouth frog says: you don’t see very many here, do you?(he says this with his mouth as small as possible)  And he leaps in the pond with a SPLASH!


I’m done with the story, so bye now!

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